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The Ripple Effect

September 25, 2007 By: Kari Category: General No Comments →

Bones That Float has been out six months and we are beginning to see the ripple effect of our “spread the word” campaign from an army of inspired readers. I spent the summer traveling through 10 cities and calling-in to 27 book discussions in 11 different states, spreading our message of sustainable support for Cambodia’s Schools. One thing has become clear, this is a book that inspires ACTION.

from South Dakota…

When I called to answer questions from Liz Janza’s book group in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the first thing she told me was that she’s never traveled outside the United States. She was blown away by Cambodia’s story and how the book made her feel connected to it. After screening the Grady Grossman School DVD, her group said they felt overwhelmed and stunned by how one person really can make a difference. Our rich conversation led one participant, an adoptive parent of 2 Russian girls, to a hopeful conclusion. She said simply “making a difference is a choice.” And I had to agree with her. All it takes to change the world is making the decision to Be The Change. I don’t know any of these readers, yet they have made the personal choice to distribute Bones That Float postcards and to sign up 3 more book discussion groups in their region. South Dakota meet Cambodia!

from England…

Keira Nightingill, adoptive mom of 4 year old Sam from Cambodia, writes from her home in Gerrards Cross, Great Britain. “Our babysitter (who is 17 yrs) came round last night and it was great to learn from her that she’s using your book for her final Gcse’s exams. She had to give Bones That Float to one of her school heads to read so that he can confirm it’s okay for her to use it. Hopefully he’ll spread the word to others in the school. We don’t know where this will lead but we were excited to learn that our babysitter had chosen it. She absolutely loved the book and cried in a few places, particularly in the bits where it was hard to get food.” Way to be the change Keira!

from Philadelphia…

Last May, Philadelphia 9th grader Juliette Snyder contacted me about her desire to get involved with a sister school project in Cambodia. She had found me through Andy Brower’s blog. Well, Juliette is not your average 9th grader. Her entire family read Bones That Float. Then, in June, they traveled to Cambodia and visited our school. They became so inspired that the Snyder family made a commitment to sponsor a new secondary school through American Assistance for Cambodia. When they got home, Juliette’s older sister asked her wedding engagement guests to donate to their school in lieu of gifts. They raised $23,000!! And the new secondary school is already 40% complete! I will be speaking to Juliette’s high school, Penn Charter, in Philadelphia on October 24th, to help students form their plan for ongoing support of this school.

Way to go Juliette, Babs, and Harvey Snyder!

All these people decided for themselves to Be The Change. You can too!

Host a Book Discussion. Here’s How.

Do you have a Bones That Float “ripple” story? Please share, add a comment.

Kari Grady Grossman Interview: Efforts to Improve the Lives of Cambodia’s Children

September 13, 2007 By: Kari Category: General No Comments →

Cambodia’s long history of war and genocide has left thousands of orphans with little chance of a better life. WCVE Public Radio’s Angel Limb spoke with author Kari Grady Grossman at a Richmond homeschooling event about her efforts to improve the lives of Cambodia’s children.

Listen to the interview: [audio:Kari_Grossman_WCVE.mp3]

“Table Manners” with Rev. Matt Lincoln

September 12, 2007 By: Kari Category: General No Comments →

Rev. Matt Lincoln, Rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church, North Haven, CTDear Kari,I used the story of Amanda’s Thanksgiving dinner at China Garden in a sermon called “Table Manners” two weeks ago, and ended up (after the sermon) inviting the parish to read Bones That Float and do a discussion.

If you want to hear the sermon (and my best Kari Grady Grossman impression), click below.

Peace, Matt

Dear Matt,

Thank you so much for sharing.

Listen to a 6 minute “excerpt from ‘Table Manners,’ a sermon preached by the Rev. Matt Lincoln, Rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church, North Haven, CT on September 2, 2007.” [audio:FrMattLincoln.mp3]