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A Teacher’s Perspective

March 05, 2009 By: Kari Category: General No Comments →

Dear Kari,

Thank you for letting me visit the school in Chrauk Teak. While I was there, we attended a couple of stundents at the blackboardcommunity meetings. It is so fantastic how the people of the community are working together to build a stronger community.After introducing himself, Paul shared some ideas about litter with the group. He also talked about the briquettes and how he will work to help develop a new stove and work to make the briquettes more “sellable”.

Mr. Yoen has been FANTASTIC! He is a good leader, both with the community and for me as a visitor. He led the group in discussions about teacher salaries, attendance policies, other matters for the teachers. The committee also worked to complete the proposal for the agriculture development project.

I will stay in touch with both you and Mr. Yoen to see what your needs are and when I will be available to help. Everyone has been so warm, friendly, and welcoming. Once I look at my schedule, I will reach you and tell you when I can come for longer to help.
Thank you,

Lisa O’Brien, teacher, Boulder , Colorado ( currently working in South Vietnam with her husband)


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