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A Community Changed by the Children Who Live There

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On September 12, seventeen SSI scholarship students rode on a power tiller with a loudspeaker, moving slowly throughout different villages. They started from Chrauk Tiek Elementary School and zigzagged along bad roads that lead from one village to the next, taking turns between boys and girls to speak into the megaphone.  A noticeable with excitement could be seen throughout the towns.

As SSI scholarship students, their message was to remind everyone of how important it is to send their kids to school and to keep them in school to earn good educations.

Most students have volunteered before and were very happy to do it again to promote education. These young people are passionate about sharing their school experience and vision with other students to follow their own dreams.

Sokea, a new female student said, “This is the first time in my life that I did something like this. It was fun, and I am pleased and happy to be part of it.”

Theara, a male student said, “Without SSI and its scholarship program, I would never have a chance to continue my education and be part of this event today.” He hopes to do more volunteer work in the future.

Another girl named Chantho said, “I like it a lot since I could be with my friends and serve my community in a very special way. I think it’s important for all the villagers to value education,” she said with a smile. “I appreciate the scholarship program. If SSI did not support me, I would never have a chance to continue my degree in nursing because my widowed mother couldn’t afford it. I would probably end up working in the rice field just like every girl in my town,” she added.

They finished about 2 p.m. just before rain started to pour down and they got a little wet. Everyone was hungry, and we provided them lunch at the small local restaurant near the entrance to Bunteay Pranak School. Believe it or not, we spent just $22 to feed 19 of us.